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Welcome to our new website, we now have two amazing brands on one convenient site, San Francisco Soap Company and Simply Be Well Soap. 

Thank you for visiting our San Francisco Soap Company and Simply Be Well store. We hope with this new partnership of our two beloved brands that you'll discover a new product you'll love, we pride ourselves on creating products with the finest ingredients and we know that if you try our products, you will love them. We hope you enjoy the wonderful selection of products we have initially created

If you love the premium quality of our San Francisco Soap products, we know you'll soon become a fan of our sister-company, Simply Be Well's line of exceptional products. Simply Be Well uses only the finest natural ingredients available in their formulas and are free of parabens, free of any synthetic colors or fragrances, gluten free, free of gmos, and free of animal tallows. Looking forward, we will continue to work on new products that more represent today’s lifestyle. Our wish for you is stated in our name: "Simply Be Well."

If you are already a devoted Simply Be Well customer, we hope you'll discover and enjoy the wonderful selection of products created from our sister-company, San Francisco Soap Company. In addition to the triple milled soaps and beautifully fragranced bath products, we are pleased to add wonderful moisturizing and exfoliating treatment soaps in unique shapes, fragrances and ingredients to our line, adhering to, and exceeding the fine tradition of the exceptional American-made quality that embodies the San Francisco Soap Company.

Our companies are committed to excellence and customer service. We are a top-quality manufacturer of USA MADE personal care products. Our state-of-the-art facilities are located in southeastern Massachusetts. Our top-quality soap gently cleanses and leaves your skin feeling smooth and nourished, rather than stripped dry. We take pride in our unique formulation that blends only the finest ingredients.